Firmware und CPS für HD1

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HD1 Update


CPS 1.86:  CPS & CPS-GPS
1.Changed battery saved startup times to A/B band switch time. improve the drop out in dual band.
2.Address the problem when insert one channel, other channels will lost randomly.
3.Add Mouse wheel in channel information.
4.Add "Caller display time". You can adjust display time of the receive screen after one call finish.
5.Changed "date Loading ,please later" to Loading date, Please wait.
6.Addressed the channel work alone cannot be checked or unchecked. 

Firmware 1.4.6: HD1 & HD1GPS
1. Add "Delete All" in Message.
2. Can show zone name, but only display 7 characters.
3. Support to set GPS information via radio keypad.
4. Connect to repeater more stablely.
5. The backlight wont light when scanning.

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