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[dir] CH340   237.6 KB 2019-Aug-23
[dir] CP2102   188.5 MB 2019-Aug-23
[dir] Each system driver   50.3 MB 2017-May-04
[dir] FT232   3.1 MB 2018-Jan-04
[dir] PL2303   3.1 MB 2018-Jan-04
[dir] PL2303 For VISTA   2.0 MB 2015-Apr-24
[dir] PL2303 For Win2000 and XP   1.6 MB 2015-Apr-24
[dir] PL2303_MacOSX10.6_v1.4.0   8.5 MB 2015-Apr-24
[dir] PL2303_v130 For Win7   3.0 MB 2015-Apr-24
[dir] Universal system driver   4.7 MB 2017-May-04
[exe] PL-2303H_HX_X simple test program.exe 22 652.5 KB 2019-Jul-06
[exe] SetCOM.exe 0 240.0 KB 2019-Jul-06
[doc] USB TO RS232 Cable for Windows 2000 user's manual.doc 0 234.0 KB 2019-Jul-06
[doc] USB TO RS232 Cable for Windows 2000(Chinese) user's manual.doc 0 168.5 KB 2019-Jul-06
4 Files - 10 Folders Total downloads: 22 Total size: 266.2 MB  
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